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The development concept of the National Historical Memorial Preserve «Babyn Yar»

1. Monuments, located on the territory of the National Historical Memorial Preserve «Babyn Yar»

  1. Monument to Soviet citizens and prisoners of war, soldiers and officers of the Soviet Army, executed by German Nazis in Babyn Yar;
  2. Commemorative plate “Menorah”;
  3. Memorial Cross in honor of the executed members of the OUN and poetess O. Teliga;
  4. A monument to executed children;
  5. A monument to the Hero of Ukraine, member of Kyiv underground T. Marcus;
  6. Commemorative plate to slave laborers;
  7. Memorial Cross with the inscription “And at this place people were killed in 1941, Lord give rest to their souls”;
  8. Memorial Cross to executed priests for calls to defend the Motherland against the fascists;
  9. A memorial to the victims of the Kurenevska tragedy of 1961;
  10. Stone to sign the construction of Jewish center “Heritage”;
  11. Vault of the Kachkovskies Family;
  12. The Road of Sorrow.

2. What is proposed to build

  1. Alley of the Righteous (alley paved with sett on the sides of which marble slabs with the names of the righteous will be placed);
  2. A monument to executed Roma;
  3. Square of consent (where the Orthodox and Catholic churches, synagogue and mosque must be built);
  4. Memorial Museum of the victims of Babyn Yar;
  5. Building of the Jewish cemetery bureau;
  6. Memorial Cross on the spot of executions;
  7. Underpass with the exposition of the tragedy of Babyn Yar;
  8. Monument to O. Teliga and members of the OUN;
  9. Nikropol (crosses and tombstones from former cemeteries);
  10. Stands along the road of sorrow dedicated to the Babyn Yar tragedy;
  11. Eternal Flame;
  12. A monument to executed Jews.